About the Artists

Ljupka Arsovska is a European trained Award winning  MakeUp Artist/stylist who has worked in the sphere of fashion, design and beauty for more than 15 years now specializing Bridal make up. She has successfully run her own make-up studio and school Essence for nearly ten years. She has been entrusted with the styling of the entire Macedonian political elite, including the President, the Prime Minister and their families, as well as the majority of the Macedonian and European celebrities. Her work also includes , special effects make-up on film, internationally awarded commercials, video clips, TV shows, Fashion Editorials in Europe and USA... She was also elected one of the top three best promoters of Macedonian culture. For more detailed information read on and visit the galleries….


Mila Arsovska Is a Hair Stylist with 11 years of experience specializing Bridal Hair Styling. The path after graduating is taking her on more frequent visits to seminars and fashion shows for hair styling and beauty,diver sing her to dedicate herself professionally to be part of what is most crucial element for our look,HAIR. Years of long work and dedication as a hair stylist  made her the best Bridal Stylist in Macedonia and  part of prime time TV,movies,fashion week,magazines,beauty makeover channels,celebrities and politician casts and campaigns and everything that is considered couture .Her work also includes  numerous singers and performers,movie and theatre stars,recognized work with MTV,Antenna 5,variety of European TV Channels and media...